About Us

Since day one, our mission has been to empower people to live happy and fulfilled lives through the love of yoga. Our core values ​​of authenticity, trust, quality, integrity, community, positivity and love are the drivers of our customer-centric approach that guides every decision we make. With these qualities in mind, we work wholeheartedly towards our vision of building a global community where everyone feels welcome and can say: I AM A YOGA JUNKIE!

The Beginning

Yoga Junkies Says Hello to The World

Yoga Junkies was founded in 2018 by Hannah and Tyler Wisniewski in their 50 square meter apartment in Vienna, Austria. Inspired by their shared love of yoga and receiving surprises in the mail, their mission was to create the ultimate yoga lifestyle box. Tyler has always been fascinated by the concept of subscription boxes, and together with Hannah's passion for yoga, they set out to create something truly unique.
Look Mom, We're On TV

2 Minutes 2 Million

Just a year and a half after launching, Hannah and Tyler were selected to present Yoga Junkies on the Austrian start-up show "2 Minutes 2 Million". There they presented their idea to a jury of Austria's top investors. At the end of the show, all five investors were excited about the opportunity to invest in their company, including an additional start-up deal with BIPA.

You can watch the entire episode of "2 Minutes 2 Million" here .
Not the end, but the end of the beginning

800 Junkies Strong

Through hard work and unconditional dedication, Hannah and Tyler had built Yoga Junkies into a thriving community of over 800 members from 11 countries in the European Union. In 2022, they made the decision to evolve Yoga Junkies from a subscription box to a full-fledged yoga brand, with a focus on creating high-quality yoga lifestyle products and events for their community.
One step back, two steps forward

Yoga Junkies Festival

In 2023, Yoga Junkies reached a significant milestone with their first festival presented by ENERGY Radio, held on the picturesque Danube Island with over 1500 participants. This event marked a turning point for Yoga Junkies and cemented their position as one of the leading yoga events in Austria.
Yoga Festivals and Beyond

New Year, New Adventures

The next step for Yoga Junkies is to organize their annual yoga festival in the beautiful Hetzendorf Castle in Vienna, where yoga enthusiasts from all over Europe can experience two unforgettable days of yoga, meditation, transformational workshops, and ecstatic dance. For 2025, the company plans to expand its offering with unique retreats and exciting daytime events to offer the community even more opportunities to deepen their yoga practice and connect with like-minded people.