The Beginning

Yoga Junkies was founded in 2018 by Hannah and Tyler in their small 50 m2 apartment in Vienna, Austria. Their mission: to create the best yoga lifestyle box based around their love for yoga and receiving surprises in the mail.
Tyler had always loved the idea of subscription boxes, and with Hannah's passion for yoga, it was quite evident what their newfound journey was going to be about.
Starting from the ground up, Hannah and Tyler built Yoga Junkies into a thriving community of 800+ members from over 11 countries within the European Union. Their monthly yoga boxes brought yoga off the mat and into everyday life for many 'Yoga Junkies', but more importantly, the boxes helped their members discover other aspects of the yoga lifestyle apart from the practice itself.
Crystals, yoga equipment, aromatherapy, meditation tools, vegan snacks, and yoga space décor were just a few of the things that their members discovered on a monthly basis.

The Transformation

In June of 2021, the last monthly surprise box was shipped out as Yoga Junkies transforms from a subscription box company to an all-encompassing yoga brand. While yoga lifestyle boxes will always be the foundation of the company, it will no longer be the focus.

Going forward, the primary focus will be on creating high quality yoga lifestyle products to support yogis on and off the mat. This lineup will include yoga mats, yoga equipment, accessories, clothing, and a few times a year, limited edition boxes.

Additionally, a new path for the company will see to the creation of new segments such as events, digital resources, and community building.


Following our Hearts (from the founders)

Tyler: After running our company for a few years now, I have realized two things:

First off, I love to hear how our products make a difference in people's lives. Knowing how much effort we put into our products, and the impact that they make with our customers, I will now fully focus on making the best products to improve your life on and off the mat.

Secondly, Yoga Junkies is much more than a subscription box. Meeting members in person, connecting with them through digital events, and talking to them daily on social media has showed me that it's not just about the products, but also the connections we make along the way.

No matter if it's through events, programs, or our products, we will focus now more than ever on bringing people together. I want you and every customer to know that Yoga Junkies is a family. We cheer for you on your happy days, and we are here for you on your down days. Always.

Hannah: Yoga has completely changed my life. After discovering yoga, I entirely changed my mindset, became vegan, started living more mindfully, incorporated a daily meditation practice, and opened myself up to spiritual guidance. All within the timeframe of a year. My fascination of the human experience led me to dig deep within this broad topic. In my pursuit of higher learning, I became a certified yoga teacher, life coach, and a daily student.

My personal transformation made me realize I want to put all my focus and attention towards passing on what I have learned. My goal is to help you develop the tools that will enlighten your mind, body, and soul, so you can be the happiest version of yourself.


Our Mission

Since day one, our mission has been to empower people to live a happy and fulfilled life through the love of yoga. Our core values of authenticity, trust, quality, integrity, unity, positivity, and love are the main drivers of our customer first approach that guides every decision we make. With these factors in mind, we work whole-heartedly towards our vision of building a global community where everyone feels welcome and can truly say: I AM A YOGA JUNKIE!