Wildheart Organics

by Hannah Kiss

Wildheart Organics is a unique company. They only use 100% essential oils, all blended to enhance your mood and wellbeing. There are only a handful of companies who adopt this approach.

They never use artificial perfumes or any petrochemicals and promise that their products contain essential oilsonly, and nothing else. They do not use ”nature identicals”, or filler isolates. Wildheart Organics uses the highest amount of essential oils to create a luxury treatment product with the optimum therapeutic benefits–providing you with a moment of bliss. 

Wildheart Organics believes once you have experienced the therapeutic power of aromatherapy products you will be converted.

Every Wildheart product is hand-made in Britain using only quality natural ingredients.

Meditate Travel Candle

Wildheart Organics Meditate Travel Candle


A grounding blend of 12 pure essential oils, all selected for their grounding and meditational properties.

  • 100% therapeutic quality essential oils
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No natural isolates
  • No nature identicals
  • 90g

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The heart of the fragrance is aromatic frankincense, grounding vetiver and the prized Ayurvedic Jasmine Attar. This is a stunning oil made with jasmine petals within a sandalwood base. The blend also incorporates, lavender, atlas cedarwood, bergamot, and cypress, all chosen for their amazing ability to centre the mind. All candles are made with sustainable clean soy and vegetable waxes.

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