Vegan Aquafaba Chocolate Peanut Mousse

Hey Yoga-Junkies!

I really am a hippie at heart. That’s probably why I love this month’s theme “All You Need Is Love”, even though I’m not that fond of Valentine’s Day.

Ever since my childhood, I’ve been a huge fan of the the four legendary moptops from Liverpool in the UK (aka The Beatles), who advocated theall-importanceof love and made these four words the anthem for the ’67 love and flower power generation and the anti-war movement.

Did you know that the Beatles, in the year following the release of the song, spent some time in India practicing yoga and meditation, and therefore, played a role in introducing yoga to the western world?

Huh… I guess I’m getting a little carried away. So, what does this little musical insight have to do with my recipe for this month? Well, I recently stumbled across an anecdotal read on the “True Start of the Beatles”. The article said that for Paul McCartney, it all started when John Lennon gave him not a bite, not some, but half of his chocolate bar. So, sharing and enjoying chocolate–that’s a true expression of love, be it for one another or for yourself. And this is exactly what my recipe is about this month: Sharing my delicious, decadent, and fluffy Vegan Aquafaba Chocolate Peanut Mousse with you.

 “Aqua-what?”. Well, aquafaba is just a fancy word for the chickpea brine that you filter from a can of chickpeas. You can whip it up, which makes it work pretty much like egg whites. Quite a cool thing for vegans! It works for macarons, pancakes, and as you will soon find out, gives you an airy and light chocolate mousse. And don’t worry, aquafaba is basically tasteless after whipping, so there’s no chickpea aroma at all. If you don’t want to use canned chickpeas, you can also cook them in a pot for about an hour (keeping the chickpeas for salad or hummus), and then use the water after cooling.

A word on chocolate here: When I say chocolate, I mean real chocolate that has a cocoa percentage of at least 60 percent and contains rather small amounts of sugar and additional ingredients. Maybe you can find a raw bar sweetened with coconut sugar or dates at your local health food store or just use the MAKRi bar from your box. And if you want to collect extra karma points, make sure it’s organic and Fairtrade.

So, if you focus on good quality dark chocolate, there are actually convincing arguments, for giving in to the occasional chocolate craving:

Dark chocolate is packed with beneficial minerals such as potassium,zinc, selenium, and iron. It also contains flavanols that protect your skin from sun damage.

Furthermore, recent studies found that it helps to prevent arteries from clogging, thus, it’s good for your heart and circulation. It reduces the risk of stroke and lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

Cocoa (without added sugar) has even been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, so it may delay or prevent the onset of diabetes. And most importantly, chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which encourages the brain to release feel-good endorphins. It‘s the same chemical that your brain creates when you’re falling in love, which makes this recipe a perfect fit for this month’s magazine!

For my chocolate mousse, I added peanut butter and a pinch of salt to get a little more complex flavor. I looove the salty-chocolate-peanut combination, but if you don’t, you can just leave the peanut mousse aside or use any other nut mousse like almond or cashew. You can even add some items like orange zest or cinnamon.

Is your mouth watering yet? If so, follow the instructions below to begin making your Vegan Aquafaba Chocolate Peanut Mousse.

Vegan Aquafaba Chocolate Peanut Mousse


  • 100ml plant-based milk
  • 120g vegan dark chocolate
  • 240 ml / about one can of aquafaba
  • ½ tsp. lemon juice or apple vinegar
  • 2 tbsp. peanut mousse
  • ½ tbsp. vanilla extract
  • a pinch of sea salt
  • optional, to serve: berries or grapes, chopped peanuts, and chocolate sprinkles


  1. Roughly chop the dark chocolate and place it in a heatproof bowl over boiling water (double-boiler).
  2. Add the plant milk and the peanut mousse to the bowl, allowing the mixture to melt slowly. If you’re impatient like me, you can try to melt the mixture directly on the oven, but make sure to stir vigorously with a wooden spoon to keep it from getting burnt.
  3. Once the chocolate is fully melted and everything is combined well, take it off the heat and set aside to cool down to room temperature.
  1. Drain and measure the aquafaba, pouring it into a clean mixing bowl. This is important, as small amounts of grease can ruin the aquafaba.
  1. Add lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Using a hand mixer, whisk the liquid on high until soft peaks form. Add the vanilla extract and whip until the peaks are stiff. This may take up to 10 minutes, so don’t give up too early here. The aquafaba is done when you can turn the bowl upside down without the whipped aquafaba losing its shape.
  1. Once the chocolate has cooled down to room temperature, add it to the whipped aquafaba one spoon at the time and fold it in using a spatula until fully incorporated. Don’t worry if the mousse deflates a bit and becomes more liquid, this is perfectly normal.
  1. Pour the mousse into glasses or jars and refrigerate for at least 2 hours to allow it to set. If possible, leave it in the fridge overnight. Add toppings before serving as desired. I used chopped cashews, chocolate shavings, and frozen grapes. 


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