Team Yoga Junkies – Introducing Jessica Lange

A True Yoga Junkie

We would like to introduce Jessica Lange, a longtime Yoga Junkies member that we first met in December 2018 at Yoga Planet in Vienna.

What sparked your interest in the yoga lifestyle?

I’ve always been a giant sports wimp. My aunt is a yoga teacher and at some point, she had me ready to visit for an hour. Surprisingly, from the very first second, I was captivated by the interplay of tension and relaxation. In the past, I was a very over-excited person, constantly in action and in the belief that it was never enough. Everything changed once I got on the mat. I felt calm, balanced and grounded. It was like an addiction to keep recapturing that state of peace. Yoga did not only change me while I was on the mat, but I was also more and more interested in a healthy, happy, and perfect life.

What is your connection to the yoga community?

My decision to complete a yoga teacher training was made relatively quickly. According to the motto “no risk – no fun” I registered with the responsible authorities, created my homepage on my own and then, without any expectations, dared to teach. Since then I have been working as a yoga teacher in addition to my main job in an office and could not imagine anything more beautiful. Tell us how you turned your passion into a profession. In the 22nd district, I have rented into a practice group and practice (among other things) my yoga classes there. During the summer, you will also find me teaching SUP Yoga classes.

Tell us about a project you have coming up in the next year.

Next year, my focus will be on the road to self-employment. My major milestones are to complete my training to become a Life Coach and complete my training as a Human and Animal Energizer. There are group and individual yoga classes, events, and perhaps retreats in Austria on my agenda as well. You never know what’s coming next.

Where can people find you?

I love accompanying people on their journey. It is simply wonderful to be able to choose from different tools to support them holistically. You can connect with me on my website at or on Instagram @yogaenergetiks


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