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Tulsi is thought to be the most sacred of woods in India, and the plant of Tulsi is believed to be the incarnation of the divine itself. Moreover, the Tulsi Mala is said to have incredible spiritual and physical healing powers apart from helping the mind to focus during prayers.

This Tulsi Mala is made of Tulsi wood and consists of 108 beads wound around a strong string, with a 109th bead.

The Tulsi Mala can be worn on the neck or tied around the wrist. Owing to its spiritual and physical healing powers, the touch of the Tulsi wood acts as a rejuvenator for the stressed mind and brings the spiritual self of a person closer to God. On top of that, wearing the Tulsi Mala is supposed to bring good luck and fortune to the devoted wearer. It is said to balance the Kapha and the Vata Dosha. Tulsi clears your aura, and its subtle smell fills the heart with a sensation of the divine. The Tulsi Mala is used to worship Lord Ram and Krishna, different incarnations of Lord Vishnu who is believed to be the creator and the beloved of the Tulsi.

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