RE:TREAT is an urban yoga studio hideaway in the middle of Vienna that combines Yoga and meditation with dance, music, and philosophy. Their experienced, international team of creative-minded teachers freely combine different styles of yoga, offering classes from beginner, to advanced. Relax and unwind in the cozy living room with a cup of warm tea as you wait to join one of their classes. They also offer a variety of homemade snacks, coffee, lattes, soups and curries–all fresh, all vegan. RE:TREAT sends you on a vacation, away from all the Christmas bustle.

Hey Giulia, thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us a little about your journey to yoga: Why did you start with yoga and how did it result in the foundation of RE:TREAT?

I started yoga around 15 years ago when I was working in the busy art world. Yoga and meditation were the only way for me to unplug and keep a calm head during the busiest of days. After a serious back injury, I started to rethink my yoga practice and started studying yoga therapy. From this, the idea for RE:TREAT was born. I wanted to create a place that was far more than just a studio–a place to relax, unwind, and to also rethink yoga and meditation in a creative, yet safe way.

What sets RE:TREAT apart from other yoga studios?

We offer yoga, meditation, and vegan food, which you can either take away or eat right here in our living room. We believe this amazing combination is what makes us truly different from other studios. Every single one of our classes is different, depending on the background of the teacher. To make it easier for our customers, I created the following formats:

  • RE:START – perfect for beginners
  • RE:VIVE – advanced, flowy yoga
  • RE:FOCUS – meditation
  • RE:STORE – relaxed, restorative yoga also perfect for beginners.
  • At RE:TREAT the groups are small, which helps us dedicate more time and attention to your body’s personal history.

How are you celebrating the pre-Christmas season at RE:TREAT?

We’ve had a bunch of events this month and there are a few more coming soon. There was a relaxing Mind & Yin Yoga workshop on December 2nd and Pop-Up Christmas Cards Writing Workshop on December 8th. Our next events will be the Sound Bath on December 16th and our annual X-mas Party on December 21st.

Meditation seems to be getting very popular lately. Why do you think that is?

Everyone has to deal with stress, and the earlier the better, since it can really make you sick. One of the most effective tools to cope with stress is meditation.

You train your brain to unplug from your daily routine, which is very important, and by doing so, you can significantly increase your resistance to stress. Many studies now show how effective meditation is and how it changes your brain – it makes you calmer, happier, creative and more focused. This is why so many people are getting hooked with meditation since it’s so easy and yet shows significant results.

What advice and tools would you give our members to find a balance between the Christmas bustle and slowing down?

The best way would be to combine the two, so you’re getting things done, and at the same time, you also find a way to relax. I actually find it very meditative to make my own presents, like lavender spray, massage oils, a homemade chutney or jam. It’s fun to organize a group of friends for an afternoon together and do just that. By making your own gifts, you also avoid the hassle of the busy shopping streets–and people love homemade things too!

Would you like to take a small vacation at RE:TREAT? Then book your class at


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