Chakra Balancing Kit

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This Chakra Incense Balancing Kit contains 7 individual packs of 10 incense sticks. Each pack represents one of the seven chakras and a different fragrance.

The kit includes a wooden incense burner, and information about the the seven chakras, their meanings, and the fragrances can be found on the back.

Blackberry fragrance represents the Crown Chakra which is linked to intelligence.

Blueberry fragrance represents the Third Eye Chakra which is linked to intuition and perception.

Lavender fragrance represents the Throat Chakra which is linked to communication and creativity.

Mint fragrance represents the Heart Chakra which is linked to compassion and altruism.

Lemon fragrance represents the Solar Plexus Chakra which is linked to direction and self esteem.

Orange fragrance represents the Sacral Chakra which is linked to sexuality and physical grace.

Strawberry fragrance represents the Root Chakra which is linked to stability, grounding, and prosperity.

Size & Fit:
7 x Incense Packs with 10 Incense Each
22 cm x 27 cm x 2 cm

Material & Care:
Chakra Incense Sticks
Wooden Incense Holder

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