Black and Gold Flower of Life Singing Bowl

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Singing bowls create a wonderful atmosphere of peace and love during meditation or ritual sessions. Through their overtones and undertones they can remove blockages and calm the psyche. It’s an instrument that should not be missing in any spiritual household. The bowl is decorated with the "Om Mani Padme Hum" Mantra on the outside and an embossed OM symbol on the inside.

This singing bowl not only looks beautiful, it also has a great vibrational effect. The power of the flower of life, the primordial symbol for manifestation, resonates with every turn of the singing bowl and helps us to come deeper into our own centre, to release blockages and to set free new life energy.

Features & Benefits

• Decorated with three flowers of life around the singing bowl, one large one inside, and one on the underside
• Beautiful, round gift box
• Singing bowl pad
• Sound stick

Material & Care

Cast Brass Bowl

Size & Fit

H: 6 cm, ø 11,5 cm

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