The Art of Yoga

An Interview with Yoga Lover & Artist, Namastehannah

Hannah Müller-Hillebrand, also known as Namastehannah, is an artist, blogger, and yoga teacher from Berlin.

She has a huge passion for traveling, absolutely loves porridge, secretly sketches people on the tube and has probably read Harry Potter a dozen times.

We are very excited to bring you this interview about Hannah’s journey, passion for art, and her love for the yoga lifestyle.

How did you find yoga? What did your very first yoga experience look like?

I don’t remember the details, but I think it started with my fascination for Bollywood at the age of 7 or 8. I loved the colorful movies, all the dancing, and singing, as well as the way India was portrayed. When I learned more about India I found out about Hinduism and Buddhism and finally got to know meditation and yoga. I loved the idea of inner peace and that’s where my fascination began.

My first experience practicing yoga was probably me in my room with a book full of different asanas. I didn’t really understand the mindfulness aspect of yoga yet and just liked to try out several positions as a fun acrobatics/stretching pose.

Tell us about why you started sharing your life through Instagram and how you evolved into the Hannah that we know today.

I got my first smartphone at the age of 17 (which is probably super late nowadays) but I am quite happy about it. That’s when I created my Instagram as well. I first used it to share some snaps from all the restaurants I was discovering, living in London back then. That was in 2014.

I was so overwhelmed to see that about 1000 people were interested in my food fairly quickly, so I decided to post more of my actual life as well and that’s when it started to evolve into what it is today. Over the period of 5 years, I organically grew a community of like-minded people that share the same values, are creative, interested in yoga and spirituality, art and mental health. I learned to trust my community and readers and when I launched my blog in 2016, I started to dive deep into my own mental struggles and shared my story with eating disorder recovery and depression. It was super scary at first but my vulnerability only brought me closer to my readers.

How did your journey with design start?

I don’t actually remember. I have always loved art since I was in kindergarten. My mother had to collect piles and piles of drawings and paintings, I was always really proud of. Then there was the time, when I was really self-conscious, I doubted myself as well as my art skills and almost stopped to be creative. But art was so healing to me. It’s the place where I feel free to create and free to be myself. There is no wrong and right. That’s what I love about it the most. I don’t feel judged when I create, I feel like I can be my true honest self. Yoga has the same effect for me. Both, practicing yoga or creating art are a sort of medicine for me. Both calms me down but lets my spirit shine at the same time.

Where do you get your inspiration for your art and photography?

Something that inspires me a lot when I am painting or drawing are women. Women are still being sexualizing and pressured into certain roles by society. Body shaming and acceptance is a real issue I had to struggle with as well and I want to embrace the beauty of the feminine body in my work. I also get inspired by music, smells or good conversations. Most of the time I keep a diary in my bag and scribble down ideas that come to me right away.

My most popular work right now are the collages of digital drawings on photography. I love meshing the two because I like both so much and it’s a great way to combine my passions.

You often integrate your artwork into your real-life Instagram photos. How did you come up with this awesome idea?

It all started when one day I was sitting in a cafe and I took a picture of my coffee. It looked kind of boring, so I decided to scribble on it and my first so-called “coffee woman” came to life. My community loved the idea and now it kind of turned into my trademark.

Do you have any tips about self-care and body love? 

Don’t fucking compare. That’s my main tip. I think most issues do arise when we compare each other. Your sister has the “better” body, your college earns more money and your friend has a better relationship. Then you start questioning yourself and feel unworthy. When all of these thoughts of not being pretty, thin, smart or successful enough pop-up, try to take one big deep breath and remind yourself of how freaking amazing you are. There is no one exactly like you out there and you have so much to offer. I love the quote: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken “. It is the pure essence of what I am trying to promote. Another little self-love exercise I love doing is pretending you are talking to a small child when you talk to yourself. We often have lots of negative thoughts and in our mind,  we talk down to ourselves. But we would never ever say things like that to a friend or a child. So imagine talking to your inner child. I find that I instantly switch and rather uplift my child, than talk down on it.

Where can we find you?

You can find me on Instagram @namastehannah to keep up with my day to day life, and on @namastehannahcreative to have a look at my artwork. I also have a blog, which is more focused on yoga and mental health called and my art shop will be launched on there soon as well. I also have a YouTube channel, where I share some yoga flows and artsy tips.


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