Love is key Yoga

by Hannah Kiss

Love is key Yoga is a brand that was created because of its love for yoga. Their first product was the 2018 Yoga Pocket calendar. Soon after, they also released a notebook with the Mantra “Lokah Samastah”. 

They even decided to continue the series with a 2019 pocket calendar. 

Yoga Pocketcalendar 2019 (in German)

Love is Key Yoga Pocketcalendar 2019 (in German)


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The motto for 2019 is “Give your time value – that’s the goal.” Especially today, when it feels like the world is turning faster and faster. It’s good to be reminded of the value of our time.

This high-quality hardcover calendar from LOVE IS KEY YOGA is bound with ribbon and offers you plenty of space for appointments, quotes, and lots of yoga notes. Inside you will find explanations for individual asanas, yoga sequences, essential yoga knowledge, and beautiful quotations or mantras for inspiration.

The practical DIN A6 size (approx. 15.5 x 11 cm) fits perfectly into any bag, making it your invaluable companion for 2019.

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