LastSwab: The Ultimate Replacement to Single Use Cotton Swabs

An Interview with the Insipiring Founders of Last Swab

The world’s first reusable cotton swab. LastSwab is the sanitary, reusable alternative to single-use swabs that can be cleaned using soap and water. Don’t be fooled by the fakes out there though, the true original LastSwab can be found at or in our Zero Waste Box. Let’s begin and learn more about this amazing little product!

We would love to get to know the LastSwab team. Tell us a little bit about each of you.

The team is made up of three independent designers from Denmark on a mission to designs products to help the planet. Nicolas and Isabel Aagaard are siblings born into a family business, so they’ve been working as a team for many years. Kåre Frandsen went to design school with Nicolas and started a business together soon after meeting each other. They got an office space together two years ago, and Isabel joined them last year.

They are all designers from the Royal Academy of Design. Nicolas also studied Business, Kåre is a carpenter, and Isabel studied IT. They are quite similar but specialize in different areas, making it feel like the perfect little team.

LastSwab is a reusable cotton swab. Please tell us more about the product itself.

LastSwab is a reusable cotton swab designed to help end the waste created by the 1.5 billion cotton swabs produced every day. The ends are TPE for a soft feel, and the core is made of a durable nylon base to ensure its durability after many uses. Each LastSwab comes in a biodegradable carrying case to keep it clean. There are two versions: the standard swab for cleaning and the makeup swab for makeup application. LastSwab was created to give consumers a reusable option to help end the marine waste caused by single-use cotton swabs. 

How did the idea come about?

LastSwab came to us when we were researching which single-use items are most harmful to our planet, and the cotton swab was surprisingly quite high on this list. 

We found that one of the most significant issues was that people didn’t discard them properly, mainly because they are so small. If flushed down the toilet they often don’t get caught by filtration systems and are dumped directly into the ocean, and later end up in the stomachs of sea creatures. We felt that by solving this problem, we would create an impact on marine life as well as single-use pollution. 

You ran a Kickstarter campaign with around 19,900 backers. Can you give us an inside look into the planning for the campaign?

Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been great platforms to start up on because of their reach and their setup. We did a bit on our pre-launching and collected 40.000 email subscribers, so the biggest boost was when we launched. 

We did this by creating a landing page that promoted interested customers in signing up for our newsletter to be contacted when the product launched. We then used time and money on promoting signup for 2-3 weeks. We also used this to find out what images and captions had the best conversion rates.

The biggest lesson learned crowdfunding is that the platform can validate a product. The backers become your biggest fans, and they even ended up naming all of our colors. 

One difficulty we didn’t have in mind was all the copies that emerged immediately after launch; we struggled with that during and after the campaign. 

Are there any amazing news or projects coming up soon that you would like to share with us? 

Yes, we are in the midst of creating the next product eliminating the need for another single-use product. We can’t wait to start getting people’s feedback when we are ready to show it. We have a lot of exciting products coming up the next year. 

Where can people find you?

They can find us on our website at and via Instagram @lastswab

Looking for a way to boost your Zero Waste Lifestyle? 

Then head over to our past boxes and check out our Zero Waste Box. It’s filled with amazing products that will help you along your zero waste journey!


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