by Hannah Kiss

Joya – more than soya

In 2003, the Joya brand was launched as a combination of the words “Enjoy Soya” in a late-night brainstorming. Even today, joy is an integral part of Joya, but now we make much more than just soya products – our current range extends from rice to oat to nut-based products. We want plant-based products to be a mainstream choice!

 Enjoy the dream-like taste           

All our products are plant-based and 100% natural: from non-dairy drinks, to yogurt alternatives, to plant-based ice cream and tofu – with Joya you have the choice! Our varied plant-based products provide moments of indulgence any time of the day. They taste deliciously and fuel the body with the energy it needs. A balanced, plant-based diet has never been easier without having to sacrifice indulgence. We enjoy deliberately abstaining from artificial flavors, colorings and other unnatural additives that should have no place in our food.

Color up your life

We care about the health of every individual and about our planet‘s well-being. For this reason, we combine the best ingredients that nature gives us in order to produce pure plant-based products with dream-like taste and of the highest quality.

  1. Good for you: our products are full of valuable plant-based ingredients in an environmentally friendly packaging
  2. Good for the environment: compared to dairy milk, the production of our soya drinks requires 5 times less CO2
  3. Good for the local fields: sustainably produced raw materials from long-term & fair partnerships

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