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Hempalaya`s story begins with a one-year journey across Asia. Nepal, a country that immediately fascinated them with its nature and people, provoked the idea to found Hempalaya. The Hempalaya product range consists mainly of wild Himalaya hemp and natural, recycled raw materials from the Himalayan region of Nepal. Hemp, the world’s oldest cultivated plant, is really fascinating. It is associated with its numerous, thousand-year-old processing possibilities (paper, textiles, cosmetics, food, insulating materials, medicine, etc.), that are still important today to make contributions to the sustainability of this world.

Hempalaya`s attention is focused on environmentally friendly, natural, fair, and at the same time, unique products made by people in rural areas of the Himalayas. Their goal is to help these people to help themselves.

When manufacturing their products, they work exclusively with women-led projects and family sewing companies from Nepal. Their craftsmen receive fair wages for their work, financial support, and beyond that, access to machines to make their work easier. Furthermore, Hempalaya donates 10 % of every purchase to CHAY YA AUSTRIA, a non-profit association for the global fight against poverty, mainly in remote, hard-to-reach areas.

Natural & Hand Rolled Incense Stick | Nag Champa

Hempalaya Natural & Hand Rolled Hempalaya Incense Sticks | Nag Champa


Hempalaya incense sticks are traditionally made from a basic mixture (Masala) of wood powder, oils, herbs, blossoms, roots, resins, and some water. The resulting paste is hand rolled into a thin layer and applied to a wooden stick. Throughout Asia, incense sticks are used in temples, at religious ceremonies, and during meditations. The smoke is said to have cleansing, energizing and harmonizing effects. Hempalaya`s fragrances consist exclusively of natural ingredients that are produced by hand in India with the “Masala Method”.

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