Healthy Living Tips with Laura Ermel

It's easier than you think!

Don’t we all want to live a healthy lifestyle that makes us look and feel great every day and promises us a long and happy life? There are many excuses for not living a healthy lifestyle: no time, too complicated or it makes no sense at all. However, shouldn’t we at least try it?

Let’s be honest, we already know the essential parts of taking care of ourselves. Eat vegetables and fruits, move daily, stress less and enjoy life to the fullest. So why don’t we live according to that? Because humans are creatures of habits that love their comfort zone. And a new, healthy lifestyle does not only mean getting out of your comfort zone but also mastering a great hurdle because it implies sacrifice, discipline and a lot of work.

I admit that it might require some discipline at the beginning to integrate new habits into your life. But I promise, it will get easier. By the way, do you know that it takes only 21 days to get used to a new habit and 60 days to make it a fixed part of your life? Sounds pretty manageable.

Going day by day is the key to success. Don’t try to turn your life upside down. If you change everything at once, chances are great that you won’t stay with this new routine for long. It’s better and easier to establish new habits step by step, one at a time.

Living a healthy life is a continuous process of becoming your higher self and finding a way of life that makes you happy and healthy.

Personally, I define healthy living as finding the balance between inner and outer world and living a life in perfect imperfection. For me, this means drinking your green smoothie AND eating the naughty Thanksgiving-Pumpkin-Pie. It’s just about enjoying the right amount of everything, so that you can be the best version of yourself.


Most of the time this goes hand in hand with a healthy, plant-based diet, daily movement and regular practice of mindfulness. Food, meditation and exercising are tools to achieve this balance. However, you have to decide how you use them. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all solution”. However, there are some tricks you can apply to find your own type of a healthy life.


My number one tip for being healthy is consciousness. It is adaptable to all areas of your life. From the moment I wake up, I try to be aware of my thoughts and feelings. In today’s world we are so driven by our mind that we forget that most of the issues we have in our life are just a construct of our brain.


Practicing awareness while eating means sitting and enjoying your meal without any distraction. Really taste your food and be aware of how it makes you feel. Food shouldn’t make you feel tired or bloated. It should give you the energy you need and make you feel satisfied and happy.

You might have heard this pretty often, but EAT YOUR GREENS. Include green vegetables and fruits in every meal and make them the main player. Yes, this means drinking a green smoothie for breakfast and eating at least a side salad for lunch and dinner. It may be obvious but the basis for a healthy life is healthy, natural food. Food fuels your body and gives you energy. So be aware what you put inside your system, because everything will be digested and will finally become a part of your body. The best way to start healthy eating habits is to avoid refined sugar, convenience and fast food and to eat as much unprocessed, natural food as possible.

I promise you natural food will give you enough energy to spend an active day on the move. Movement is so important for our whole system. Unfortunately, the few hours we spend exercising on a treadmill are not enough to compensate the negative impact of a day sitting at the desk. Therefore, it is highly important to make movement in addition to a regular exercising routine, an essential part of your daily life.

A healthy daily routine might look different for everyone. It also took me a while to establish my own routine according to my needs. Remember, it is an on-going process!

I also haven’t established all that habits at once, but in little pieces. Healthy living is about the little things you do every day, like taking the steps whenever possible. It is what you do daily that makes up your whole life.

If you are looking for more inspirations on food, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, follow me on Instagram @fitfoodgirl.l or visit my website If you want to go deeper into healthy living I would be happy to guide you. Just book your professional health coaching on my website.


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