Team Yoga Junkies – Introducing Giada Carta

She also has a strict no-fluff policy and tough love is her way!

We’re happy to introduce Yoga Junkies team member, Giada Carta. She’s a Soulful Mentor who will help you to achieve success in your online business without giving up any time for yourself. She mixes pragmatism and spirituality, teaching you to create your personal balance through more effective organization, a consistent dose of inspiration and a simple daily spiritual practice.

With your business “Giada Carta – Soulful Mentor” you mentor creative and spiritual entrepreneurs to grow bigger online businesses without sacrificing their personal lives. Tell us about your company.

I started working as a life coach in 2016 and had a very successful first year in business. The next year, many people started asking me to mentor them to help them grow their business, and I soon realized we had very big issues with women and work.

Most of them struggle to keep a good work and life balance, as they seem to think it’s fair to have the whole weight of the house work on their shoulders and to put everyone else’s needs before theirs, and especially creative and spiritual entrepreneurs have a hard time in streamlining and organizing their work or earning what’s right.

I decided I wanted to lead by example helping other Soulfulpreneurs, as I like to call my clients, to build a stress-free, successful business with a soul, keeping a lot of time for them-selves and also a well-nourished bank account!

How did you come up with the idea and what did your journey to becoming an entrepreneur look like?

My work was born from my desire to empower other women through a better relationship with their work and money.

During a very bad time in my life I started questioning everything and especially the work I was doing: I was a national trainer for the biggest chain of beauty stores in the world and, as much as I enjoyed my work, I felt I couldn’t put up anymore with the tendency of multi-national companies to treat people as numbers.

When the company offered me a new, higher position I felt that wasn’t the life I wanted to live: I wanted to have a meaningful work, which would allow me to change the world for the better, so instead of accepting the easy way I decided to quit and I started building my business.

How do you define spirituality and what does it mean to you?

Spirituality has always been a strong part of me: I believe we are all part of the sacred energy that moves the world and we share the same power.

I long for that connection and I believe we become unhappy when we forget that we’re all one: it might seem a pretty new age statement, but physics actually show us that we’re really all made of the same stuff, just combined in a different way.

To me, spirituality is honoring that connection to other people and the rest of the world, without ever forgetting that, if we acknowledge we’re part of the world, we have the responsibility to use our power to change it for the better.

This is why spirituality is a pretty material thing to me: it means allowing space for that connection to the Sacred in our daily lives, and also acting constantly to become better people creating a better world.

Often you hear, that spirituality and business do not go together. What’s your intake on this?

I strongly disagree! I really think spirituality and business should go together: if we’d all do inspired work that really cared about the people, this would completely transform the world.

I think when we started getting the idea that Gods and spirituality are separated from the material world, we let the worst lies in, and those lies are still caging us.

The sooner we start acknowledging that there’s nothing bad in the material world, and that we can both enjoy money AND be good, spiritual people, the better.

What is your vision?

I’d love a world where the gender gap doesn’t exist anymore and where people really do their best to feel and honor that sense of connection that links us all.

That’s why I have big plans for my company: I strongly believe we can make a difference even if we’re just one little person (I mean, I’m 1.56 cm tall!) so I want to grow my business and income to build a huge charity that will work in education for both children and women and foster that sense of connection and spirituality.

If children grow up knowing that men and women are equal and women start becoming more independent through a business that lets them express their talents that’s a good start, don’t you think?

Last but not least, where can we find you?

You can find me on my website and, if you want the best of me, you should really check out my Soulful Mail: it’s a weekly newsletter infused with practical advice, magic and inspiration to change your life and business and you can get it for free if you subscribe here:


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