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I was about to move out of my shared flat in Vienna, so for Christmas, I decided I would visit my mum. Where I would live after that, I did not know. My idea, however, was to travel around for a short while. In order to strengthen myself for this adventure, I needed to take more care of my body and mind. Eating healthy food, taking walks, longer meditations, and yoga were all on my daily to-do list.

A perfect way to start my adventure was to attend an exhibition of veganism and yoga, where everyone was greeted with a warm smile and a goodie bag. In my bag, I found a golden coin. “Wow!” I thought, “With this, I would get a free yoga class!” 

Even though I was really excited, I had no idea how valuable the coin would really be.

A few weeks later I took the free class and was very pleased because it turned out great. Being completely happy and relaxed, I didn’t expect much from the closing remarks of the yoga teacher. Though her last sentences were actually the most remarkable ones: “We are constantly in a phase of transition”, she said. “Mostly we focus on the occurrence of the events. Yet, the process is still very precious. When you appreciate each moment, unexpected treasures will come to you. Namaste.”

‘‘Namaste”, I mumbled, as I began to think about the exhibition a few weeks ago. My only intention was to enjoy it, and in the end, I got this golden coin–the chance to write an article, and a friend to help me. I smiled knowing that the teacher was right.

I took this knowledge with me when I went to the small village in Bavaria where my mum lives. I kept recalling her words: ‘‘Appreciate each moment!” It was one of the best things I could do since this time of the year usually has everybody stressed out and edgy. And to make it worse, I arrived at an apartment where every room was overcrowded with stuff. I even had to stay on the couch because there were no spare rooms for me to sleep in.

With loud noises from the living room and kitchen, and no place to be alone, this visit would be a test of my patience, which I tried to keep despite my tense nerves. To help ease my nerves, I needed to find a free, and more or less silent place, to do some yoga. Sadly, I ended up in the hallway.

With earplugs in my ears, the noise was almost tolerable. But the noises became louder, at which point I decided I’ve had enough. ‘‘Great, how am I supposed to concentrate here?” I thought to myself. Why does it have to be like. . .”

Standing between two doors I took a breath. “Wait! This isn’t ME, these are just my thoughts.” These were just distant feelings of how I used to react. The feelings that wanted me to be angry.

Actually, I was completely calm.

I had to think back to the introductory words of the yoga teacher that was helping us to relax despite the sounds of passing cars from the street outside:

‘‘Are you annoyed because of the noise, or because of your thoughts about the noises?”

Again, she was right. With a smile, I continued my doing yoga in the hallway, while at the same time, setting the intention to take another class with this teacher.

Later on, in the evening, the inner peace from my yoga session helped me to finish the article just in time to turn in to my friend.

What I learned from this experience at my mums was that I had to simply make space inside me, when there was no space around me.

Thanks to this lesson, an important chapter in my life has been completed. The next one, I decided, should be continued in Vienna. I still wonder how I will manage everything, but I can rest at ease knowing that unexpected treasures come to those who appreciate each moment.


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Freya V.

Freya V.

Freya is a writer, freelancer, and full-time spiritualist. She has been practicing yoga, meditation, and chakra healing for several years now. She loves to play pc games and read fantasy books just as much as she loves to write stories–she’s a self-proclaimed "spirit-nerd". Her intention in life is to inspire people with stories, joy, and by choosing the right actions. You can find her mini stories and updates about her upcoming blog on her Instagram profile @Skaldkonur11.
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