Crystal Junkies: The Surprise Box for the Ultimate Crystal Fan

Hannah the CEO of Yoga Junkies holding the Crystal Junkies box

If one of your go-to phrases to avoid having to make plans is “Sorry I can’t, I have to clean my crystals”, then you’re in the right place. Our new Crystal Junkies box gives you 7 great reasons to avoid any unwanted social interactions this weekend.

The items in this box will have a natural crystal near you, no matter if you’re sitting at home in your meditation space or talking a lovely stroll through the city!

The box is worth €92 and has many beautiful treasures any Crystal Junkie would love!

Yoga Junkies Ritual Crystal Salt Soak with amethyst, lavender and rose petals

Ritual Crystal Soak | €22
Ritual Crystal Soak is an invigorating blend of healing salts, aromatic florals, and natural Amethyst crystals that work to reduce tension, soothe sore muscles, and gently nourish your body and mind.

Infused with mineral-rich Himalayan and Epsom salts, they create a calming and toxin reducing soak for your skin. The blend of Rose and Lavender flowers produce a relaxing effect, helping to lower stress levels and encourages sleep.

The addition of Amethyst crystals creates a protective soaking environment while bringing calmness, balance, and peace to the mind.

The Lovely Stuff
• Himalayan Pink Salt: Containing 84 minerals such as Zinc and Magnesium, Himalayan Salt is a wonderful detoxifying base ingredient.

• Epsom Salt: Epsom salt is made up of magnesium, sulphur, and oxygen, which creates the perfect relaxing environment for sore muscles, especially for foot baths to soothe sore feet.

• Rose Petals: Luxurious Rose Petals generate a natural calming scent that has the power to melt away the day behind you. Leaving you with a clear mind and a love filled heart.

• Lavender Flowers: A gentle Lavender Flower infusion brings its comforting and relaxing properties to the mix to help with anxiety and insomnia.

• Amethyst Crystals: As a natural tranquilizer, Amethyst helps dispel stress, irritability, and fear while promoting clarity and peace within the mind.

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Yoga Junkies essential oil crystal bottle necklace in six different colors

Crystal Bottle Aromatherapy Necklace | €20
A beautiful hand carved crystal bottle necklace that is truly one of a kind! Made from real crystals, this little bottle can be filled with your go-to essential oil or perfume, so you never leave the home without it.

Available Colors
Purple Amethyst
Clear Quartz
Pink Rose Quartz
Green Fluorite
Grey Smokey Quartz
Black Obsidian

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Sweet beet aronia and rosehips AHARAbar from the vegan snack brand Spoons of Taste

AHARAbar | €1.89
This delicious and nutrient packed bar is from our friends over at Spoons of Taste! AHARAbar is the nutritionally complete snack bar that keeps your mind happy. Formulated with clean-label organic ingredients, rich in plant protein, rich in vitamin C + E and fueled by uplifting plants Adaptogens. Simply helping our body to adapt to life’s doozies.

Get 15% off your purchase with the code: YOGAJUNKIES15

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Metatron's Cube engraved crystal grid by the brand Aplicum

Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid | €15
Metatron’s Cube includes all 5 Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolizing the underlying geometric patterns found throughout our universe. Metatron’s Cube is perfectly balanced and provides a visual focal point for meditation. It can also replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Crystal grids assist in the special arrangement of crystals and stones to help you manifest your dreams and intentions during meditation, healing sessions, ritual work, and make a wonderful center piece for your meditation space or altar. Using a crystal grid is an unbelievably powerful and beautiful way to harness and combine the energies of the crystals placed upon the grid to feed the center clear quartz tower and accomplish your intention setting ritual.

Made in partnership with our friends at Aplicum.

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5-Piece sticker pack made up of various crystal designs by the brand Yoga Junkies

Crystal Junkies 5-Piece Sticker Pack | €9
Show the world your true love for crystals with our waterproof, vinyl sticker pack–the perfect addition to your meditation journal, laptop, car, or yoga mat!

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Clear Quartz crystal towers that are about 5cm in height and very clear

Clear Quartz Tower - Grade A | €15
Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. Found worldwide, it absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it. This crystal works at a vibrational level attuned to the specific energy requirements of the person needing healing or undertaking spiritual work. At a spiritual level, this crystal raises energy to the highest possible level. Used in meditation, Quartz filters out distractions. Quartz is the most efficient receptor for programming. At a mental level, Quartz aids concentration and unlocks memory.

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A small 5ml bottle of blood orange essential oil

100% Pure Blood Orange Essential Oil – 10ml | €8
This oil relaxes inner tension and awakens the spirit! The warm, enveloping, fruity scent of Blood Orange is a wonderful mood brightener.

Ready to get your very own Crystal Junkies box?

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