The Journey Within: An Interview with Spiritual Leader Jil Zeletzki

Jil Zeletzki could be labeled as a blogger, model, writer, a content creator, a so-called “social media influencer”, yogini, vegan foodie, and spiritual seeker… But what do those boxes even mean? Truth is: She is a multidimensional being having a human experience. She’s the universe expressing itself as Jil, who is currently 24 years old … Read moreThe Journey Within: An Interview with Spiritual Leader Jil Zeletzki

Swell Yoga

Over the past few months, the Yoga Junkies magazine has been blessed with beautiful yoga poses and accurate descriptions on how to perform them. A monthly pose with instructions was one of the first segments in our magazine and has quickly become one of the favorites. But in order to achieve such a feat, we … Read moreSwell Yoga

Yogazentrum Mödling | Birgit Pöltl

Birgit Pöltl’s yoga classes are grounded, powerful, warm, anatomically precise according to clear principles, and always spiced with a pinch of yoga philosophy–a balanced mixture of physical yoga practice and wisdom for life from the house of yoga. After studying business administration, Birgit Pöltl worked as a consultant in the IT industry and as a … Read moreYogazentrum Mödling | Birgit Pöltl