Yoga Subscription Box: 3 Reasons Why Every Yoga Teacher Needs One

What comes to mind when you think of a monthly subscription box?

You might consider a shipment direct to your door with full-size products, surprises, and goodies. And you’d be right! Subscription boxes, like Yoga Junkies, satiate our hunger for new, high quality wellness products and removes the tedious work of scouring the internet to find them.

The Yoga Junkies team sources products for a different theme each month to best serve the yoga community and you can rest assured that the products curated by the team are top quality. After the Yoga Junkies team researches and tests top notch products, each Yoga Junkies box is packed full of carefully curated surprises including yoga equipment, aromatherapy, crystals, spiritual growth tools, vegan snacks, or more.

Sounds great, right? What if I told you that a monthly subscription box could also elevate your yoga teaching with a little creativity? If you’re a yoga teacher, subscription boxes hold so much more than full-size products, surprises, and goodies. A monthly subscription box is your ticket to thoughtfully sourced products that can help your yoga teaching in several ways.

Yoga teachers, I spill the beans below – consider these three ways a subscription box can elevate your teaching and personal practice.

Discover products to use in your yoga classes

Subscription boxes provide a unique introduction to new, high quality products that you can use in your yoga classes with a little creativity. Yoga Junkies subscription boxes specifically curate products for the yoga community. Monthly themed boxes can include yoga equipment, aromatherapy, and crystals.

Here are several ways you can use products previously found in Yoga Junkies’ subscription boxes to enhance your yoga classes:

  1. Candles – Introduce your students to Trataka meditation. Trataka is a form of meditation in which students gaze at a candle’s flame while breathing deeply. The intention is to bring awareness to your third eye center as you look upon the flickering flame. For many students, trataka is a powerful yet simple introduction to meditation and breathing techniques.
  2. Spiritual Card Deck – Read a card aloud to your students to assist in their sankalpa practice. A sankalpa is an intention we set for our yoga practice. Help your students formulate their intention with a reading from a spiritual card deck while in child’s pose, and again in savasana.
  3. Crystals – Visualize the chakra system with crystals. Crystals included in Yoga Junkie subscription boxes are great props for yoga teachers interested in teaching the chakra system. If you find a specific color crystal to match a chakra, use this to your advantage! You can share a visual representation of the energy and describe the chakra in your class.

With a little creativity, you can use Yoga Junkies’ subscription box products to elevate your students’ experience in your yoga classes. From smudge kits to aromatherapy and essential oils, Yoga Junkies subscription boxes can uplevel your yoga classes for a personalized, profound yoga experience.

Set yourself apart from fellow yoga teachers and assist your students’ yoga journey

Wellness is a growing industry. In the saturated market of yoga, unrolling your mat, teaching, and locking up the studio just won’t cut it anymore. The hard truth is that yoga studio owners, fellow instructors, and your students want a unique yoga experience. Not to mention, our students seek our advice on anything from the loveliest smelling aromatherapy to the most inspiring spiritual help books. Students are always looking for products and resources that can help their yoga journey and they refer to their community yoga teacher as a guide.

To stand out from the crowd, yoga teachers need to be well versed in meditation and yoga equipment, high quality and environmentally sourced wellness products, and creative approaches to spiritual development. Sounds like a lot to keep up with! But, if you are willing to get creative and stay inspired in your teaching, you will go far and your students will see the difference in your classes compared to others.

With so much information and so many wellness products in the world, it’s easy to feel inundated as you begin your research on current meditation, spirituality, and yoga tools. A monthly subscription box curates top quality products and resources for your use that you can later recommend to your students. Yoga Junkies’ spiritual growth tools, vegan products, and the recent Zero Waste Box are a perfect place to begin as you work to elevate your teaching, set yourself apart from your fellow instructors, and assist your students’ yoga journey.


Take good care of YOU (yes, your self care still matters)

As yoga teachers, we know the positive impact of yoga, asana, and meditation. The practices of yoga, mindfulness, and breath have surely changed our lives for the better. Words can’t even describe the benefits yoga has on our personal and professional lives. Whether we are more compassionate, patient, or mindful, yoga was the catalyst for it all. This is why we teach. Sometimes that means that we’ve grown to put the needs of others before our own. Not only can we lose sight of taking care of ourselves, but our personal yoga practice may suffer as well.

While yoga teachers know the benefits of a personal yoga practice, at home or in the studio, we often lose the routine of our yoga when we begin teaching others. Our self care routines often fall flat when we become yoga teachers. We are pulled in many directions as we drive from one studio to the next, teaching early or late hours, even with two jobs or families.

This is the final and most important reason to consider a monthly surprise, delivered right to your doorstep. A membership to Yoga Junkies subscription box is a monthly, mindful nudge to reconnect to what matters most to your teaching – your personal wellbeing. Without your self care routine, your teaching might stagnate and become uninspired. With a subscription box at your door every month, you’ll be reminded to take care of yourself, get inspired, and show up rejuvenated to teach your yoga!

Standing out and self care just got easier – with your monthly Yoga Junkies subscription box

Yoga teachers, stand out with a subscription box! Creatively use carefully curated products to elevate your teaching, set yourself apart from fellow yoga teachers, and take some time for your self care while you elevate your passion for yoga.

Start your subscription today. Click here and use the code TEAMYOGAJUNKIES at the checkout to get 10% off your first box with Yoga Junkies. Let the self care begin!


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Jessica Palmer

Jessica Palmer

Jessica is the Boss of Bliss behind The Yogic Body Online + In Studio. She is a scientist-turned-yogi, studio owner, yoga and meditation instructor. After years of working in cancer research and after losing her mother-in-law to terminal cancer, Jess created The Yogic Body Online where she continues to share online yoga classes, meditation, and journaling resources for women with anxiety. Two years after creating The Yogic Body, Jess opened The Yogic Body Studio in Exton, PA, USA as a community anti-anxiety zone. You can connect with Jessica on Instagram @theyogicbody
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